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Educated Book Review

Educated is the story of a girl growing up in a family that lives outside of society. They don’t trust the government or medical professionals. They live in isolation because the outside world is dangerous.

When Tara gets an education she starts to realize that there is another life out there. This book teaches us that we should fight for what matters to us.

What I liked

Educated is an inspiring book that demonstrates the importance of education. It tells the story of a woman who was willing to pay a heavy price in order to receive an education. The book also shows what life would be like without an education.

The author writes with a raw, emotional honesty that is both heartbreaking and motivating. She is not afraid to discuss topics that others might find sensitive, including the psychological effects of religious abuse. She is careful to present her family in a realistic light, and even includes footnotes indicating when her memory of an event differs from another family member’s version.

The memoir is a fascinating look at a way of life that most people will never experience firsthand. It is an eye-opening reminder of how important education is and how difficult it can be to break free from a lifetime of deception. It sends a clear message that we should fight for our rights, especially our right to an education.

What I didn’t like

I love a memoir that makes me think and this one definitely does. It is a fascinating look at an upbringing that most people couldn’t imagine, let alone survive. It is full of violence, manipulation and fear but also a lot of courage. It is a book that should be read by everyone.

Educated is Tara Westover’s story of growing up in Buck Peak, Idaho, the child of Mormon parents who shunned the outside world and believed that government, doctors and the Illuminati were agents of Satan. Her childhood was filled with psychological abuse cloaked in religious language. There were also a lot of physical abuses, child endangerments and neglect.

There were some parts of the book that were hard to read, especially if you are sensitive to domestic or sexual abuse. And it could be triggering for anyone leaving oppressive faith subcultures. But these are just some small niggles, overall I really enjoyed this book and it is well worth reading!


Educated is a powerful, moving book that will stay with you long after you’ve finished reading. It’s a story of survival, family, and learning. Tara Westover has written a book that is honest and raw. She doesn’t shy away from difficult topics such as the abuse she experienced at the hands of her family members. She also discusses how she struggled with loyalty to her family vs. her own beliefs and education. Ultimately, this is a book about education and how it can change your life. It’s a must-read! Educated is an inspirational, harrowing, and heartbreaking memoir. Definitely one for the bookshelf!


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